About us

HappyGlass® is a Global Glass Products brand created towards the end of the nineties to meet growing demand for unbreakable plastic glasses. Designed by the catering industry, for the catering industry and its customers. Over the years, HappyGlass® has grown from being one of the first plastic beer glasses into a professional range of 100% polycarbonate plastic drinking glasses.

Plastic glasses for any drink

HappyGlass® supplies a complete range of high-quality unbreakable and reusable plastic glasses. Plastic glasswork that you can confidently use in a busy bar or at a party. Glasses that are pleasant in use, easily stackable and hygienic and washable. What's more, HappyGlass® plastic glasses keep any drink at just the right temperature!

A durable brand for international markets

Under the brand name HappyGlass®, we have launched a range of top-quality polycarbonate glasswork onto international markets. Unbreakable, recyclable and eco-friendly glasses for beer, wine, champagne and liquors as well as longdrink glasses and shot glasses. Suitable for hard-wearing use in the catering world, clubs, discos, amusement parks, theaters and during special events. HappyGlass® plastic glasses are also ideal for use outdoors, at the campsite or on a boat. And with the various printing options of plastic drinking glasses, HappyGlass® is an excellent promotional aid or fun promotional gift!