About us

Take a look behind the scenes at Global Glass Products. Find out who we are and read about our background, our mission and our vision.


Global Glass Products was founded by two catering entrepreneurs all the way back in 1990. The decision to start a company was made based on the realisation that drinking from a flimsy plastic cup seriously impacts the experience, the taste and the enjoyment of your favourite beverage. Furthermore, all that plastic waste strewn around everywhere you look is an unpleasant sight, especially after paying good money to attend a festival that you want to enjoy every moment of. Is there no suitable alternative to a conventional glass? There was only one logical conclusion: changes had to be made, but how? The answer to that question came from a different question altogether, namely what is the most sustainable cup - or better yet, the most sustainable glass? The answer proved to be quite simple: a reusable one, of course. Yet any reusable glass had to offer the same experience, taste and enjoyment as one made of real glass. With this goal in mind, the company's founders began their production process - and the rest is history.


Over the years, Global Glass Products has developed working relationships with partners who, like the founders of GGP, have the passion and motivation to offer a sustainable alternative for all those situations where drinking from a traditional glass is not an option. After an extensive search, Global Glass Products has selected the most suitable producers. Together with them, we have created the largest selection of sustainable and reusable plastic glasses.

Goes as the centre of activity

In early 2019, we relocated from Middelburg to Goes, where we now reside in a new building that houses both our head office and our distribution department. This close proximity ensures that we have easy access to our stock, which allows us to be optimally flexible.

Sustainability as the main focus

At Global Glass Products, we take our corporate social responsibility very seriously. Our final product and our entire working method revolve around sustainability. As with the choice of plastic glasses, we not only consider the environmental aspects, but also the rate of consumption. Global Glass Products therefore employs the so-called 3R model. This model revolves around the core tenets of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.  Besides consuming less, sustainability is also about consuming in a more mindful manner. For example, our glasses have a demonstrably longer life cycle. They can be washed up to five hundred times, which is significantly more than other reusable plastic cups that can only be reused four hundred fifty times. 


Global Glass Products conducts its business digitally and avoids paper whenever possible. Our zero-energy building is equipped with LED lighting and a sustainable climate-control system that creates a healthy indoor climate.  


Our office is carefully decorated with refurbished office furniture; used furniture that has been given a second lease on life. We work on refurbished computers and also use second-hand products in our warehouse. We have an electric forklift and the pallets we use to ship orders on are collected and reused later for new orders. 


We have thought long and hard about ways to use and reuse sustainable materials. Our business cards, for example, are made from a unique type of paper known as "Growingpaper.” This paper is sustainably produced and printed on with environmentally friendly ink. That is not all, however, as the paper is 100% biodegradable. Once it has served its purpose, the recipient can simply stick it in the soil somewhere. After about a week, plants will begin to sprout from the paper.