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Organising an event or festival - no matter how big or small - is a daunting task. Are you an organiser, organisation, association, board or private individual and looking for a solution that allows you to serve a variety of beverages without using real glass? You've come to the right place at Global Glass Products! We can supply any type of glass you need and offer tailor-made advice and full-range services. Have you given any thought to what you can do if your event suddenly attracts far more visitors than you anticipated, what to do with the glasses after your event and what the differences are between the various types of plastic? We can assist with anything you need.

Why use plastic glasses?

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The long life cycle of a plastic glass significantly reduces the amount of plastic waste being produced. Furthermore, they are designed for reuse and offer a fool-proof way to eliminate the risks associated with broken and cracked glass. Plastic glasses are the ideal solution for any large event, food truck festival, annual neighbourhood party or even a special family get-together. Remember: visitors have high demands when it comes to their favourite beverages and their drinking experience. A glass that is comfortable to hold, looks good and allows its contents to shine makes every celebration more special.

Full-range service


Let's say the weather is much nicer than expected and your food truck festival has drawn a much larger crowd than anticipated; will you have enough glasses to serve all your visitors? Global Glass Products has the answer in the form of our full-range service.


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