De Bankzitters

De Bankzitters are five friends who make funny videos in which they play crazy competitions and attempt the wildest challenges. They share their adventures with their army of online fans. They have amassed a major following on YouTube and other social media platforms. Raoul, Matthyas, Koen, Robbie and Milo are De Bankzitters. 

De Bankzitters launched their YouTube channel in 2017. To date, the group has won several awards and released its own music. Fans can visit the website of De Bankzitters to buy awesome merch. The latest addition to the shop are the unique Bankzitters shot glasses!

About the glasses

Some time ago, De Bankzitters asked us if we could print plastic shot glasses for them. Of course, we were more than happy to help the team with their request. This project ultimately resulted in a wonderful collaboration between De Bankzitters, Global Glass Products and Weststrate. We provided the shot glasses and the printing and Weststrate was responsible for the packaging. The result was a finished product and partnership to be proud of!


Bedrukte shotglazen, De Bankzitters.
Display verpakking De Bankzitters, gemaakt door Weststrate.